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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning and Such

Last weekend I went on my mega cleaning spree (it happens every year at this time, groan) and did a swoop through my closet (or two!). As you know, I'm addicted to shiny peeptoes and jewel-encrusted vests (oh, and those perfectly washed stovepipe jeans!), so it's always hard to part with my prized possessions. But, you know what? While I do buy things here and there, I also have items in my closet that have been there (and I've been wearing!) since high school. Call me a shopaholic, but don't call me wasteful! And when I go through my closet, I end up taking several huge bags of clothing, shoes and accessories to the local Goodwill (someone else who loves stovepipe jeans just got lucky!).

With that being said, I've also been sprucing up my beauty counter with plenty of new stuff for spring every day (yes, my husband complains about not having counter space all the time). The latest to my collection are the Marc Jacobs Splash fragrances - Cucumber, Lemon and Rain ($68). Green is my fav color (I'm wearing it now!), so I automatically thought Cucumber would be my pick. Lo and behold after my sniff test - gasp! It was Rain! The scent reminds me of nature - it's slower than the others. It stops and recognizes the sky, the water and the air around it. Whereas, I think Cucumber and Lemon still smell fab, but are more geared towards someone like my sis, G, who is melodramatic and thrives on loud and bright things (love ya, G!).

And so this past weekend, I went to a wedding and couldn't stop applying my new Urban Decay Pocket Rocket lip gloss ($19). Check out the tip - it changes in the light and there are several different versions (mine is Timothy, a creamy coral with pink glow). I do admit, I had to sneak to apply, as it was slightly embarrassing to pull it out of my clutch. But once I showed my sis-in-law, E., she was addicted. (And I swear, the scent smells just like a Pop Tart!) The brush mirrors a paintbrush and so it goes on so easily. Just don't get it out and apply in church. Know what I'm saying?

P.S. Be the first to send me your name and address (iheartheels@hotmail.com) and win the Marc Jacobs Lemon fragrance AND your very own Pocket Rocket lip gloss by Urban Decay (Julio, to be precise).

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