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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vivacious Lips & Lashes

Happy Easter! (Hope your weather is better than ours here - rain does not work with silk dresses, argh!!) All weekend long, I've been using a couple of brand-new Max Factor products. Affordable and still with the quality of the over-priced stuff you find at your department store. (You can look beautiful people and not spend a fortune!)

Running around in the rain, I've found the true test of my new make-up - no streaking, ha! I've been wearing Max Factor's 2000 Calorie Mascara ($10) (but without the guilt!) as well as the Vivid Impact Lip Color in #8, Sweet Tart ($8).

So, mascara's one of those things, you either love or hate. Let's face it, I don't even check mail without it. And when my work took new name badge pictures and forgot to wear mascara - I had to run home! There are a couple of tried and true at Sephora I always make a nosedive for, and then there are those at the local supermarket that work like a charm, too. Folks, I think this is one of them. Max Factor is after all "the make-up of make-up artists." With this particular mascara, we're talking high impact; if you don't want major lashes or don't like to wear much mascara, this isn't for you. But, if you're like me and find your lashes disappear with certain brands and you just want to that extra "oomph" to actually show people you have lashes, this is the one. It's bold, black and thickens lashes like nothing I've ever used. And yet, my lashes still haven't gotten clumpy (which is the worst side effect of a mascara!).

The lip color? Well you can't resist a shade like Sweet Tart for one, but the color really is exceptionally beautiful (it made the rest of my face instantly pop!). The shade is a vibrant color that goes well with my strawberry blonde hair and seemed to stay on for hours. Another fav part of mine is the way it feels when applied. It's very silky and smooth as if it's moisturizing your lips as you apply one swipe at a time. Just watch your balance - a steady hand is needed with such a standout. You don't want to draw a clown face (so not chic with that silk Easter dress!).

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  1. I loved both these products. I thought the lipcolor was extremely creamy and moisturizing! It felt like a lip balm going on!


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