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Friday, May 15, 2009

College Chic

It's been a few years since I've been out of college (ok, plus, just a few more), but I still get excited about things related to the good ol' UofA. And Victoria's Secret PINK has a Collegiate Collection that will be adding a new school every day (starting today) - how exciting! If I recall, some of their stuff from last year was super-cute, and even if you're not in college yet or already graduated, it's all worthy of wearing on a cash (as in casual) day.

Click here each day to find out which school has been added to the "Class of 2009." There are 24 new schools and the line will feature fleece pants, hoodies, tees, shorts, dresses and even flip-flops. Check it out - you def deserve an "A" in style this year.

P.S. Speaking of college, I'll be unplugged for the next day or two on an out-of-town excursion with my closest friends from school. Of course, I'll still be twittering away, so follow me at @iheartheels, if you don't already. Air kisses! xoxo

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