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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Distressed Jeans, Anyone?

Don't you just love Erin Lucas and her spunky charm? I swear I was bumping into her leaving a fashion show this past Fashion Week, but was way to scared to ask (so I just stared!). Erin, a star on The City (one of my guilty pleasures), was actually the inspiration for my fringe bangs (even though you can't see them on her here). She rocks such a unique look, I love her for it.

She's recently been wearing jeans by Anoname ($110). Skinny+ripped=super-fab and I think I want a pair. I've been obsessing over the ripped/distressed jeans look now for weeks, and just can't wrap my head around spending a lot for a pair (I mean, they're ripped, right?!). But they look so darn cool with a tee and jacket. And they would be cooler during the summer, right? Ok, I think I'm talking myself into a pair, sigh...

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