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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chic Site: ShopRuche.com

Just this week I discovered a site so fab you have to check it out. It's packed full of vintage-inspired Anthropologie-like wares like this sweet golden bib dress ($54.99), butterfly pendant ($17.99) and empire tank top ($34.99). It's all at ShopRuche.com.

Each item is hand-picked to give off that one-of-a-kind vintage vibe - and the best part is you can afford to buy several things because everything is reasonably priced. Shoes, jewelry, dresses and outerwear - they even have an eco-friendly section to shop. Plus, click on "outfits" and everything's already all put together for you (gasp!)!

Based out of Cali, the shop's online only but ships everywhere.
I'm totally loving the look of this online mecca (give me a gift certificate here and I could go CRAZY!). And guess what? I'm giving I Heart Heels a special discount to try it out! All the way until August 1, 2009, just enter "iheartheels" at checkout and receive 10% off your purchase.

Psst...and let me know how you like your stuff!


  1. Thank you for this post. I checked out their site and the prices are really reasonable! 'Love your website as well!

  2. I like this site as well. I'm actually wondering who (eCommerce provider) they use for their website? The site is so popular I'm surprised their provider hasn't cut them a deal in exchange for publicity.


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