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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spanx in the Summer? You Bet!

So all winter I practically lived in my Spanx. They not only controlled the chub factor, but lent the perfect amount of stylish touch I was going for under my winter dresses. Now that it's summer, I've heard a lot of girls say they've retired their Spanx. And for the most part, that's true, but not entirely.

Until I was able to make the "big baby announcement"? I rocked my Spanx every time I wanted to wear my white Seven for All Mankind jeans (now I'm stuck trying to feed a ponytail holder through the pant loop, and that is, if I'm daring enough to even
try them on anymore!). Another way I'm still wearing my Spanx? Camis! The past couple of months I've been sporting my nude and black camis from the Assets line (sold at Target and the less expensive version of Spanx). I love the way they create such a sleek effect under my clothes - and they're still very breathable.

And now that I'm getting ready to "pop," I can't wait to try the Mama Spanx! Look for a review on those soon.

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