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Monday, June 29, 2009

Video Exclusive with Stacey Bendet of Alice & Olivia

Many of you know I'm obsessed with Alice & Olivia. The line has some far out there stuff, but some of the girliest, cutest stuff ever imagined. When I was lucky enough to get an invite to designer Stacey Bendet's Fall Fashion Week presentation in NY this past February, I almost fainted. And then, when I interviewed her a few months ago, I felt faint again. (Read it again here.)

ObsessedTV conducted this exclusive 20-minute in-depth interview I thought you might all enjoy (Stacey is just a normal girl running her own billion-dollar clothing line and happens to be BFF with Mena Suvari!). I just watched it and learned so much about how to start your own line (a lot of work, whew!). Check it out and comment back if you heart Alice & Olivia like I do. - xoxo

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