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Monday, July 20, 2009

Escape to Morocco

I'm such a fan of trying out new shower gels. In fact, it's one of my beauty obsessions. And the more and more "round" I get until December, the more and more I feel like pampering myself with something new and exotic.

The past couple of weeks? I've been escaping to Morocco with True Blue Spa from Bath & Body Works. Isn't the collection gorgeous? I have to admit, when I first started using the Saffron & Fig gel ($15), I wasn't too keen on it. The shower filled with Moroccan spices that I wasn't quite used to (I'm usually a fruity/floral type.). But you know what? Once I started running my errands around town, I literally asked myself - what is that smell? I like it! And it was the Saffron & Fig I had applied that morning. Lesson here? The scent of something in the air can be very much different than after it goes on your skin. That's why you should always give a scent a shot for at least a few days before turning on it.

I also tried the Moroccan Tea & Cucumber gel ($15) and it was amazing from the get-go. Green tea, refreshing mint, soothing cucumber. Talk about a true spa experience right from your own home! You truly feel clean and refreshed and ready to take on the day (shopping, anyone?).

Still interested? Here's the complete collection:

Honey & Date Body Yoghurt ($17.50)

Sweet Fig & Argan Body Lotion ($16.50)

Moroccan Tea & Cucumber Shower Gel ($15.00)

Saffron & Fig Shower Gel ($15.00)

Rose Petal & Orange Flower Shower Cream ($15.00)

Cedarwood & Spice Warming Body Scrub ($15.00)

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