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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Exclusive with Amanda Brooks of Hellhounds

You may not be familiar with this actress/chicette for now, but just wait because she's going to get hot quick! I had the chance to catch up with the U.K. to L.A. transplant Amanda Brooks this afternoon (what a sweetie!) to discuss all things heels and Hellhounds, her new made-for-TV movie out on SyFy July 19.

In L.A. now for about three years, Amanda's loving the Hollywood life and says (in her gorgeous Brit accent) she's already made so many good friends. And she's gotten to know all the names in town - you know, Madison, Barney, Alice & Olivia? A fashion lover herself, she recites her favorite L.A. stores to me: Maxfield, Hillary Rush, Intermix and Curve (and the go-tos listed above, of course). Most of all, Amanda admits, "I buy a lot of vintage." She counts Catwalk, a vintage store on Fairfax, as one of her lovable vintage haunts. And, of course, every fashionista must have accessories, and she tells me "I've horded lots of things." The one item she can't stand to get rid at the moment though is a gigantic cocktail ring - perfect for day or night.

While filming Hellhounds in Romania, Amanda had the chance to model some pretty wicked outfits. Think Grecian goddess! "I had three changes, and one was a long, purple Grecian dress with a cloak. It was really stunning!" And to think she braved the mountains and caves in freezing-cold weather in these royal numbers - that's a true fashionista for you.

Amanda's only 5'5" so when she wears heels, she goes for the gold. We couldn't stop thinking about the flourescent pink Stella McCartney pair she mentioned in the interview - how delightful!

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