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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Newest Bare "Essentials"

For those of you who read I Heart Heels regularly, you know one of my beauty obsessions is anything Bare Escentuals. It's the coolest invention on the planet, in fact. I used to be completely sold on matte foundation that covered every inch of my poor skin - it was caked on and it wasn't pretty.

With mineral foundation/powder/shadow, you still get the complete coverage but not all the extra "goop." It feels light on the skin (my fav part!) and lasts all day (and I'm not kidding!). So if you've tried the foundation and you've tried the shadow (yada, yada) what else is there to it? Well, one of my favorite things about the line is they are always inventing and trying to
get better. If you use the Mineral Veil (loose powder), you should def try the Hydrating Mineral Veil ($19). It just came out this spring/summer and it's amazing! You can literally feel the extra moisture as you apply and your skin will just drink it up. I like to use it after I apply foundation and then at the end as a "finishing touch." I've been using it with the Hydrate & Brighten Brush ($30) and it's the perfect tool to translate the powder onto the skin (the brush is light and fluffy just like the powder!). And for on-the-go, there's a Refillable Buffing Brush ($28) that's so freaking handy for when you're at the mall shopping or at dinner with friends. Just (excuse yourself to the restroom, of course. I hate people who apply at the table!) make sure the end is filled with powder, click the dial once to release the brush, twice to release the powder and then buff quickly all over your face and catch that extra shine.

Now, going back to foundation. There's a new kid in town. If you LOVE bareMinerals foundation like I do, you should try the new Matte version ($28) - just to try it. It's still got that great mineral feel to it (light! fluffy!) without harsh chemicals, etc., but with a little more coverage (hence, "matte"). It even improves your complexion with the RareMinerals Active Soil Complex (it wasn't just that Cetaphil; I thought it was!). I admit I'm more of a fan of the original, but this one is very good if you need that extra skincare boost. Get it now at Sephora.com, and everywhere else in September.

And last but not least of the newest essentials, I've never been so in love with an eyeliner in my life! Back in the 80s, my older sis used to apply bright blue liner to the inside of her lids and I thought how does she do that?? Well, I don't know what miracle product she used back then, but the Buxom Inside Eyeliner ($14) is the tool for the inner rim of the eye. It even has a built-in sharpener at the other end and I wear it on both my upper outside lid and inner rims. They're so thin and easy to apply - it makes my make-up routine soooo much quicker. The color I'm digging is Sapphire (a teal indigo - it really opens up the eyes and is great if you have green like me!). Be watching come August, when these are available everywhere. It will be your new addiction (next to heels, of course).

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