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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Are You Still Buying Designer Denim?

An article this week on USAToday.com (where I am featured in the photo gallery here - woohoo!!) begs the question - are pricey designer jeans becoming too pricey in this economy? Of course, I own several pairs from the GAP and Banana Republic (how could you not - these jeans are comfy!), but I just can't shake the fact that designer jeans (aka Seven for All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity) make my butt and thighs look so much better. Sure, they cost twice as much or even more!), but you know what? The last pair of jeans I bought was a pair of Rag & Bone from Barney's (retail: $250) on sale for $50. The pair before that? A dark (almost black) pair of skinny Citizens from a local sidewalk sale for just $50 as well.

Other than that, I haven't had to buy a pair of jeans in several years (well besides last year when I HAD to have a pair of white ones!) because all of my designer denim is in tip-top condition. They're not faded or falling apart at the seams. And they make me feel so good in them. I think that's what fashion is about. Still wanna rock your Levi's? That's ok! If you feel good in them, kudos to you. I know I can't wait to slip on my Sevens today. - xoxo

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