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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Babies on the Brain

I know what you're thinking. Is I Heart Heels, I Heart Babies now? If you've ever been pregnant, you'll know, those nine months are sooo freakin' hard to shake constant thinking about the gosh-darn cutest cribs, tiniest onesies and, of course, best-rated bath time/pamper products out there (so bare with me!). I've been perusing all kinds of brands trying to figure out what's best for my baby, and over the past month or so have started stocking the baby bathroom (yes, he has his own!) with these essentials (I know he'll thank me for it in the end).

Diaper rash is just about a given with any newborn, and since we plan to use disposable rather than cloth (I can't deal with the icky mess that much, ok?), it's even more important to relieve baby C. with the best. Weleda products are all natural/organic and the Calendula Diaper Care ($12) uses organic Calendula Flower to soothe and soften with irritation. Tip: Use after the Calendula Lotion or Oil, and once it gets better you can switch completely to the Calendula Baby Cream.

Aveeno Baby
Aveeno has a cult following for their super-nourishing moisturizer and skincare products for us big kids. I know I can't get enough of my daily moisturizer - it makes my skin feel so good! So why wouldn't I want the same for baby C.? The line has so many great products and not just for skin, but for hair. The Essential Moisture Shampoo ($5.99) is a two-in-one formula that cleanses and conditions all at once. It leaves the hair soft (no nasty tangles means no tears!) and combines natural products like wheat and Vitamin E. Tip: At first, baby won't need shampoo, so save this for when he gets a little older (and has more hair!).

Belli Baby
I am addicted to the Belli products in the Pregnancy line (the stretch mark lotion has
been a ritual for me (and so far has worked!) as well as the soothing lotion (that awful heat rash just wouldn't go away!)). Belli is pedatrician recommended and 100% free of all the bad stuff you can't pronounce (like Phthalates!) - and it's a celeb fav (think Halle Berry). I can't wait to use the Calm Me Hair and Body Wash ($18) - it's made of the essential oil of Marigold and Chamomile. Heck, those sound like something I would love to bathe in! Tip: Use with a washcloth even as shampoo! Just make sure the water always runs behind baby's head.

Baby Bee
Ever use Burt's Bees lip balm? It's amazing, right? Well the all-natural line also has Mama Bee (which I LOVE the Mama Bee Belly Butter, by the way!) and Baby Bee products to add to the mix. The
Baby Bee All Better Balm ($6) is meant to massage into baby's sore spots to make them just that - all better! It contains soothing Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E and Lavender Oil to make your baby say "ahhhh" instead of "ouch" when he gets those bumps and bruises (ahem, which he will.) Tip: Use as needed, but if baby's really hurting you might want to investigate getting more serious treatment.

Noodle & Boo
On the road and need all the essentials in one spot? Noodle & Boo has an amazing baby product line (and pregnancy, too!), like this Essential Care Kit ($15). It includes lotion, shampoo and body wash that's mild enough for even the most sensitive skin (which baby C.'s bound to have!). With just 2 oz. in each, it's just enough to have handy for road trip bath time - and the box even arrives in a signature pink and blue. ;)

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