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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Body Wash How I Love Thee

One of my favorite indulgences is a good body wash. I love to fill the entire bathroom with a wonderful aroma and then put on my make-up and dry my hair in it after my shower. While a nice expensive version is exactly that (hello, Philosophy - love you!), there are some drugstore versions stepping up to the plate.

The new Evenly Gorgeous line from Caress comes in both a body wash ($4.49 for 18 oz.) and beauty bar ($2.99 for 2-bar package). I'm a body wash fan all the way. In fact, I don't know how I ever survived using bars all those years. They're just too darn inconvenient and messy (although they do tend to last much longer because I get way too carried away squirting the wash around!).

My dad asked me if I had glitter on me the other day, and I thought hmmm...Once I thought about it, it was the Caress body wash glistening in the hot sun on my chest (if I'm not mistaken, it looks like there are tiny gold flecks in it?). It's formulated to even skin tone and gently moisturize with a nice aroma of burnt brown sugar and karite butter - yum! It does smell delightful and it's even a scent I think would work nice into the fall and the holidays (although I'm still using my eggnog shampoo right now, anyway!).

The best is you aren't breaking the bank, but keeping that luscious aroma around. No boring shower for this beauty junkie. Bye, bye vanilla - hello burnt brown sugar!

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