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Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Boyfriend Shirt

On a cool, fall day last year I showed up to work on a Friday wearing my favorite dark denim, scrunchy Uggs and an oversized navy and green plaid button down (belted, no less!). I left my hair in a tousled state with minimal make-up. Effortless chic, no? I got so many compliments that day, and you know what? All because I couldn't find a thing to wear (which should never happen to me with my outrageous closet!), and found D's old LL Bean shirt at the back. Voila! Instant gratification.

So I've discovered this whole new "boyfriend" shirt trend. The one pictured here is actually The Boyfriend Shirt. It's the mastermind of menswear designer Scott Wasserberger and celeb stylist Jess Zaino. To boot, celebs Jessica Biel and Reese Witherspoon are huge fans since its debut at NY Fashion Week. I love the feminine cut. Wouldn't it be so classic paired with shorts and strappy sandals this summer? And, of course, I hardly ever wear a button down without rolling the sleeves up a little, sometimes halfway. It creates that extra panache and allows you to stack on piles of chic bracelets.

I'm just wondering about the price tag on this one. At $220 and in this economy, it's not cheap. So, I'm wondering, would you set aside your earnings to don this around town? Comment and let me know.

P.S. Get this special celeb-fav shirt by e-mailing your order to Info@TheBoyfriendShirt.com or visiting SEW in NYC (229A Mott St; 212.686.1630).

Photo Credit: M. David Leeds

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