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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Nicole for A Pea in the Pod

I have to tell you about my maternity shopping spree this weekend! Just this week, Nicole Richie debuted her new line, Nicole for A Pea in the Pod. So this weekend, I set out to my nearest store to get a glimpse (Did I tell you I'm obsessed with Miss Richie's style?). I'm over halfway through being preggers now (don't have to try the fake belly on anymore!), and was squealing with delight at all the new fall stuff that had come in the store (think browns and greens, merino wool and thick cotton - yes!).

The Nicole section was somewhat slim, but I think I tried on everything in the collection. She told People.com that she just got a size large in one of the tanks and wore it as a dress - sigh...I'm loving the boho chic vibe she's so famous for, and the flowy tops are just perfect for chic mamas-to-be. (I've noticed she's still rocking the heels, and I love it!)

While I didn't buy a tank, I did fall in love with the black maxidress (empire waists are THE way to go when you're expecting! pair it with a scarf and cardi when it gets chillier outside.), the navy silk kimono-style blouse (wear these with something slim on bottom to balance the flowy top part) and a pair of Nicole's super-chic (and super-comfy!) black leggings (they have ruching at the bottom, so they're not just ANY pair of black maternity leggings).

On a side note, next month I go in for a haircut and I've been deciding for the last few months if I should keep my fringe bangs or grow them out. I'm pretty certain I'm going to keep them, but make the sides a little longer like Nicole's, shown here. She always looks super-cute with a ponytail - and that's one of my fav styles as well. Can't wait!! -xoxo

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