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Monday, August 10, 2009

Shape What Ya Mama Gave Ya

First of all, I just won a brand-new Britax car seat from TheBump.com - squeal!! I am beyond elated! (Btw, if there is a door prize, I will win it. I don't know how I do it, but it happens and I can't complain. Can someone please have a Louboutin giveaway soon??)

Now, onto today's rave - Mama Spanx! (I promise tomorrow will bring more non-bump related fashion, but I must get to this because I'm in love.) I've been wearing my Mama Spanx for the last month. Of course not every day, but on outings and special occasions with friends and family. If there's one "pamper" item (besides Pampers) a mom-to-be purchases, it's these. I first tried out the Power Mama ($32) because it's summer, and hey, who wants to wear a full set of hose! I thought to myself there was no way I would wear them all day - they couldn't possibly be that comfortable. But ah contraire! I wore those puppies all day long under my pre-pregnancy white jeans (with a Bella Band, of course) and barely realized they were on. The extra belly support is the kicker - why don't regular Spanx have this?? (kidding, kidding)

The next time I wore the Footless Pantyhose in Nude ($28). These were great too - they didn't bind my skin or cut off my circulation (which I know is always a concern with shapers!). My only wish is that they made these in super-chic patterns and colors like they did this past season with regular Spanx. I guess a mom-to-be's never happy!

I'm still waiting for fall (and my last trimester!) to graduate to the Full-Length Pantyhose (in black!) ($28) and I can't wait. One of my fav trends is to layer Spanx under a skirt or dress with an out-of-this-world pair of heels (ok, or flat riding boots during pregnancy. can't WAIT to drag those out of the closet!). My point is, any chic mama would be happy with all three versions of these. Choose what you'll rock the most, and strut your shapely stuff.

Have a chic week!

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