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Friday, August 7, 2009

Wanna Go Red Like Amy Adams?

The exact Redken hair color shade of actress Amy AdamsSince I left the womb, I've had my unique red hair. And I've always loved it! Since what, only about 15% of the world has it, I found myself pretty lucky (although at times I thought picking out outfits in only green and brown was going to bore.me.to.death!)! I've learned to work with it, embrace it, and now? I highlight it, ha! Sometimes my hair (in the summer and after a good shampoo) really looks blond, and that's ok to me. But, I will never, ever completely dye my hair because red is where my heart is!

If you weren't born with red hair, but have always adored it, here's great info on how to get that perfect fall tone. A fellow redhead, Amy Adams, strikes a glamorous pose on the cover of Allure this month. Wanna have someone recreate it (exactly!) for yourself? Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color, used this exact formula to soften up Amy's color just a bit:

Equal parts of Shades EQ 08C Cayenne, 09NB Irish Creme, 09AA Papaya and 07G Saffron

Shades EQ is a great way to refresh your color (if you already share the red gene) as well as color correct. It can be used a glaze for long-lasting results. It's a demi-permanent color, which means it's pretty close to permanent (ah, the commitment!), but not exactly (it washes out in 20 or so shampoos, whew!). It also leaves the color more natural-looking (careful dark hair, it doesn't take as well on you!) and is gentler on the hair. Which, in essence, sounds the perfect formula to me. Do I hear a "make me Amy Adams on the cover of Allure?" Bring this to your salon and enjoy going red - we do have more fun, ya know?

[Photo Credit: Popcrunch.com]

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