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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Be Kind to Your Eyes

I must admit it. I don't even work full-time, and I can't stand to go without eye make-up. Maybe a couple of days here and there, but otherwise? I just feel naked! I run to the mailbox in hopes of not being discovered by the lurking "neighborhood paparazzi" if it's before my morning beauty routine.

Needless to say, eye make-up remover is on my "essentials" list when it comes to the products in my drawer. And I've just discovered a new one from one of my favorite UK brands - Simple. It's the Kind to Eyes Make-up Remover ($7.99), and just this month (along with several other skincare products) is available at NYC Duane Reade stores. (For the rest of us around the country, we might have to make an extra trek over the pond, or to the city? Hey, I wouldn't complain.)

This stuff doesn't sting your eyes one bit, it feels like you're using plain ol' water. I use cotton balls to apply mine, and my eyes wind up feeling make-up free in no time. I even used it on my latest waterproof tube of mascara! I just make sure I use it after all of the paparazzi are gone, you know.

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