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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

For Fall: Loving Calvin Klein Fragrances

Where do I begin? As you know, I love trying out new fragrances. And I don't know where and when it happened because I used to always have a "signature" scent. My sister G. on the other hand? She collected bottles upon bottles of scents on her counter - always filling the room with a different fragrance everywhere she arrived. So maybe it's in the genes and the fragrance bug finally caught on to me!

For fall, I am (and my husband, D, is too!) testing out Calvin Klein's array of new fragrances. Might I say I've fallen in love? If you've ever sniffed the original "Euphoria," there is a new goddess on the block (at Sephora in October and specialty department stores in January, so you might want to pencil in on your calendar) and it's the "Euphoria eau de toilette" ($40), a much lighter, more feminine scent. Let me tell you about my experience. I was blogging away on my bed, freshly showered and nice and peaceful. When my Euphoria EDT began to take over. It literally made me relaxed and not so much sleepy, but just in a state of bliss. It's a "sheer oriential," something different than the pure florals I'm always wearing. My favorite part though? It's weightless, the numbero uno thing I look for in a fragrance. Here are the notes in a nutshell:

Top: Lush green accord, Sicilian bergamot
Middle: Champaca flower, Twinkle orchid
Bottom: Cream accord, Sandalwood

Now, for all you men reading (or for the men in your life, fragrance-loving ladies!), D's been wearing ckfree ($32 - and available a week from today!)), and loves it! If you thought I was a tried-and-true fragrance wearer, D's much worse. So, when I handed over the ckfree and now he hasn't stopped wearing it, I can't believe it! He really likes how unobtrusive it is (he's just that way). It gives him that manly, masculine scent he craves, but at the same time it's still fresh and casual (as he is). Think absinthe, tobacco leaves and oakwood, mmmm. Yes, my modern man is feeling more confident every day!

P.S. ck one fans! On counters right now is the ck one fall 2009 limited-edition bottle ($48). Don't you just love it? It's the same signature fragrance you love, but with the new "we are one" ad campaign wrapped around the bottle. Because your perfume counter has to look chic, too!

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