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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My New Wallet...Shhhh

Today after all of my doctor's tests, I went, tadum...shopping! (and I had that cupcake I mentioned, too - ok, I'm turning red now.) Because it was my birthday this week, I had a 15-percent off coupon at one of my favorite stores in town. I scoured the racks longingly dreaming of the day I will fit into something off of them. Until then? It's time to stock up on accessories!

I found all kinds of super-cute faux leather or "vegan leather" wallets and clutches by the brand, Shiraleah. The material looks just like leather, but is safer to produce with less toxic chemicals. In 10 years? Poof it's gone! Because it's biodegradable, you see.

The one I bought is pictured here ($32) (mine is orange, too!) and it sort of reminds me of a Tano/Hobo combo. It's paper-thin and sleek and holds basically everything you need in one spot - credit cards (you don't have any of those, right?), ID, passport, checkbook and Benjamins. You keep tons of those, right?

P.S. I found them on this site here, if you want one yourself!

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