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Monday, September 14, 2009

NY Fashion Week Spring 2010: Aveda for Christian Siriano

Earlier I reported on the runway show from Christian Siriano - loved! Now, let me tell you about backstage beauty, created by Antoinette Beenders and the Aveda team. Honestly, not something I would recreate for myself at home (because I don't think I would have the patience!), but it worked for the show, nonetheless. I'm a huge fan of the ponytail and this is a cool, fun spin (low and sleek with a bouquet of waves!).

In case you go all experimental come spring, though, you only need these three products:

Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme
Aveda Pure Abundance™
Hair PotionAveda Air Control™ Hair Spray

And here are the 9 steps to chic, thanks to Aveda:
Step 1: Create a deep side part. Draw a horseshoe-shaped section of hair along the top of the head, from each brow-line. Isolate this section of hair and pin in place with a single-pronged hair clip.
Step 2: Pull the bottom half of hair into a ponytail and secure with a bungee elastic. Divide ponytail into sections with fingers and spray with Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray for workable hold.
Step 3: Use a flat iron to straighten the ponytail section by section, creating a smooth, sleek finish.
Step 4: Unclip the top section of hair and comb it back and over the ponytail. Sprinkle Aveda Pure Abundance™ Hair Potion and massage into hair to create volume and matte, rough texture.
Step 5: Working with the same top section, divide hair into smaller pieces and spray with Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray. Wrap each piece of hair around a ceramic Curl Rod, creating spirals, until the entire top section of hair has been curled.
Step 6: Brush through spirals, loosening curls into soft waves. Loosely backcomb waves to create fullness, volume and texture, and shorten the length of hair.
Step 7: Pin the sides and ends of wavy hair against the head, close to the base of the ponytail. Hair is sculpted into a voluminous, undulating chignon adorning the ponytail.
Step 8: Work Aveda Light Elements™ Texturizing Creme into palms. Smooth hair along the sides of the head and above the ears to create a sleekness and shine.
Step 9: Finish the look with Aveda Air Control™ Hair Spray for shine and hold.

Photos Courtesy Aveda (Jon Gurinsky)

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