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Thursday, September 17, 2009

NY Fashion Week Spring 2010: NARS for Marchesa

NARS knows fashion, no? Here is yet another show, Marchesa, where NARS make-up artists, led by Talia Shobrook, lended a hand. Last year, I was honored to go backstage for celeb-fav Marchesa and meet Talia (amidst the pouring rain outside, no less!). This year's look was soft skin and loooong, feathered lashes. I mean long.

The collection was all about Madame Butterfly and Japan. Check out those "tattoo-style" tights. Do you love or hate? The designs were very angular and in the style of origami, as shown here.

“We contoured the skin with matte and shimmery textures and added feathers to the eyes to provide dimension to the face,” explained lead artist Talia Shobrook.

-Mix NARS Sheer Matte Foundation with NARS Orgasm Illuminator (NEW for Spring 2010) and gently blend all over the face.
-Apply NARS Concealer under the eyes and only where redness shows.
-Using fingers, apply NARS Luxor Multiple (NEW for Holiday 2009) across the cheekbone.
-Apply NARS Powder Foundation under the eyes and to the center of forehead.
-With a NARS Yachiyo Kabuki Artisan Brush contour the cheeks with NARS Nepal Single Eyeshadow.
-Apply a mixture of both shadows from NARS Thebes Cream Duo Eyeshadow on the cheekbones, bridge of nose and on the upper temples.


-Apply NARS Abyssinia Single Eyeshadow all over the eye up to the brow.
-Line the top lashline, as well as the lower lash line, with NARS Iceberg Eyeliner Pencil.
-Curl lashes with a NARS Eyelash Curler.
-Apply one light coat of NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing Mascara on the top lashes only.
-Using clear eyelash glue, apply NARS custom-made feather lashes.


-Apply NARS Cruising Lipstick (NEW for Spring 2010) with fingers to the lips.

[Photos Courtesy NARS]

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