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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fresh Umbrian Clay: A Must-Try

My love for Fresh is rooted deep - le sigh. I first discovered the line while working at Seventeen, and then when I became Beauty Editor at another local magazine (and in charge of all the loot!) my love continued on. It also helped that I couldn't buy the products anywhere in town - boy, I love a hidden gem no one else in town can find (ornery laugh)! Then, a couple of years ago while in Boston on Newbury Street (the heaven of all shopping experiences), I walked into my very first Fresh store, later to be stopped by airport security over my delicious-smelling bath fizzes (I bet those security guys felt awfully stupid, hmph).

The past few weeks or so, I've been dying over the Umbrian Clay products. You know I'm a fan of Bare Escentuals. Well, since I've been pregnant, you also know acne has reared its ugly head. Beauty chicsters, I've found the golden ticket. Fresh's Umbrian Clay Absolute Concealer ($22). I LOVE this stuff! Seriously. I've worn it on several occasions, including my baby shower, and it's so much better than just using my foundation before I apply it (cuz that's what I had been doing). There's so many benefits to this magic potion, I can't begin to list them all, but it even combats clogged pores and that's exactly what I've been needing. I use it on my eyelids, under my eyes (great for ridding those pesky dark circles!) and right on my blemishes. Pick your color from four different shades.

My mom, in the meantime, has been trying out Fresh's Umbrian Clay Foundation in Croisette ($42). She's always looking for the perfect foundation, but can never find it. She wants coverage, but not too much - it has to look natural. Fresh foundation is perfect for that. I could tell a difference immediately when I saw it on her skin, radiant and a more even skin tone. It moisturizes, rejuvenates against aging and protects from harmful UV rays with an SPF of 20. All the stuff a mom could love, right?

[Photos Courtesy Fresh]

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  1. ive been using the concealer and i LOVE it! great coverage :P


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