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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pink is the New Black

The ponytail has become my ol' standby lately (hey, I'm eight months pregnant - give me a break!), but I've actually figured out even a ponytail can look icky without a proper blowdry. I wash my hair every other day not because I want to, but because I'm lazy. But there is no doubt in my mind I feel my best when I've had a great blowout (especially at the salon....daydreaming...). Ok, back to Earth. Let me tell you about the latest hair products that have rocked my pregnant world.

I'm a huge fan of Conair when it comes to hair products. (I tried Revlon once and it lasted a mere couple of months - eek!) When it comes to blowdryers, my long strawberry blonde tresses are uber-picky. In fact, I love this new Power of Pink Ionic Hairdryer ($29.99), but I'm using it every other week as not to wear it out too much. Plus, I'm still very addicted to my Conair Infiniti dryer. This dryer, with donations to Breast Cancer Awareness, is the same wattage as my Infiniti (1875 watts) with three speeds and heat levels, a removable filter and a cool shot button. Plus, a concentrator attachment that I don't leave home without (I think it drys hair faster!). And who wouldn't want a dryer in this super-cute pink hue?

Another charmer? (You're going to squeal on this one!) The Power of Pink MiniPRO Straightener ($22.99). Isn't it adorable? From your purchase, $1 is donated to the BCRF. My favorite part is the portability, of course. But it also heats up so fast (30 seconds!), and if you're like me, you're always deciding what to do with your hair at the last minute. Its ceramic technology leaves hair silky, and it comes in a darling heat-resistant pouch (again, for last minute gals like us!) with tiny pink ribbons.

This month, I'd say pink is definitely the new black. No?

[Photos Courtesy Conair]

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