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Monday, October 5, 2009

Think Pink with the Snuggie

As I patiently wait to order my new Macbook this month, I'm using (and trying to be patient with) my ol' Dell desktop. Breathe. Deeply. Boy, my new Macbook will be so much more fun to search for the latest Louboutins - squeal! I'll keep you updated.

Until then, all month I'm going to be posting on Breast Cancer Awareness - because it's important we all do our part to fight these nasty diseases. It's been rather chilly here the past few mornings - yikes! And now I've put off my mid-morning/afternoon walk to an afternoon stroll. Cold air is not my thing. So...I have to tell you this past week I've reached for my
Snuggie ($14.99). C'mon you've seen the infomercials - they're hilarious! The blanket with sleeves, and now in pink? Yes, please! They're donating a sum of $50k to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, so I say good for them. It seems you can pick them up anywhere nowadays - I saw them at both Walgreen's and Best Buy this weekend. I absolutely adore mine (mostly because D. tends to leave the air up a little high for my liking, ahem). Did you know they even had a show this year at Fashion Week with "Snoggies" for dogs? I'm cracking up right now. See the photo.

P.S. If the limited-edition pink isn't your color, there are others (blue, green, red, etc.), but why not donate to a great cause while you're attempting to get all snuggly, right?

[Photo Credits: walgreens.com; nymag.com]

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  1. My roomie just got a Snuggie for her bday... maybe I should invest in this Pink one!


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