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Friday, October 30, 2009

Trend Alert! Denim Leggings

In the spring, it was all about the wide leg. But, this fall? Think again. Citizens of Humanity, one of my absolute favorite jean brands (seriously, if you don't own a pair, go try on a pair now because you'll live in them!), is all about the leggings this season. Denim leggings, that is.

I, for one, think this is genius. I'm a huge fan of leggings (done in a tasteful way - no short shirts, please) and to combine them with the more tailored look of denim completely works. Rashida Jones was just spotted wearing the Avedon Slick Super-Stretch in the Ever wash (aka: a very dark, rich blue indigo). Love them! (Tip: This style has 40-percent stretchability (comfy), so when you're ordering, try to order a size down!)

They pass the $150 mark, but I'm serious when I say Citizens fit like a glove. The Kelly jean, a bootcut, was my very first pair of designer jeans and I wore them until they frayed at the bottom so bad I knew it was time to invest again. And invest I did! Since then, my closet's been full of high-waisted, boot-cut, skinny, and hopefully postpartum, this new legging. (Ok, that was my laaast piece of Halloween candy, I promise!)

So sleek and so chic, wear them with a blazer like Rashida did or pair it with a cool leather jacket (loving gray!). Don't forget your heels, whether they're booties (see how she cuffs her jeans here? that's my fav trick!) or knee high boots. Girl, you're bound to set the town on fi-re.

P.S. Snag these here at Bloomingdales.com - they even have stirrups. Giddy-up!

[Photo via Bloomingdales.com]

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  1. Okay I tried these on two weeks ago and LOVED them but thought I can find them elsewhere cheaper ... perhaps (they are $250+) in Canada. But I couldn't now this post just reminded me how much I want them!


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