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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Trend Alert: Puffer Jackets

I'm still reeling over my convo with Robert Verdi this morning - what a fashion and design maven - love him! Anyway, more to come this week with that interview, and now on to today's hot trend: puffer jackets. Let me just say, no!

Jennifer Aniston was spotted back in April wearing one (shown here), and I have a feeling they're back this fall/winter. I like to call them the "Michelin Man" coat that absolutely does nothing for a girl's figure - nothing. My least favorite part about winter is having a beautiful outfit and then having to cover it up with a coat. One should at least make the attempt to wear an adorable coat if you're going to have to been seen wearing one at all (take a cab, right?). Jennifer's version even has a touch of faux faur on the hood. Faux fur vets - yes, please! Faux fur on a puffer jacket - no!

Something I am loving? Brown knee-highs with black leggings or tights. I've just starting seeing this everywhere, and it really makes the boots pop. Whoever said black and brown can't be mixed was crazy! More on that later, too. Until then, keep having a chic week. - xoxo

[Photo Credit: CelebGuru.com]

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