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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Baby Showers, Chocolate and Lovies

Lots of fun stuff today! This past weekend was my shower, and since I opted for just one BIG bash, it was insanity - I didn't think the gifts would ever stop, so thank you!! My friends and I all showed up in our knee high boots and dresses (we didn't even call each other, I swear), and I handed out these new Godiva Gems ($4.99 for 12-18 chocolates) to all 10 (!) of the hostesses. I had a hard time thinking of what everyone would like, and I knew I couldn't go wrong with chocolate! What's great about these is they come in Dark/Milk (I'm a dark chocolate girl all the way, yum!), and truffles/solids/caramels. So each of the girls could swap for their favorites. What else is cool? You can now pick these fine chocos up at Safeway, Publix and Wegmans. Can we say - way too convenient!?

Since my shower, I've been organizing the baby's nursery and toys like a mad woman, shuffling around the house in my slippers, pausing for a bathroom break every 30 minutes (tmi?). Well, my latest oh-la-la item I can't stop ogling is the new lovie for baby C. by Swaddle Designs. The sweet polka dot security blankie is pictured here, and is the same lovie Shiloh Jolie Pitt carries (well not the blanket, but you get my point!). All kinds of celebs from Tori to Gwyneth love this line - check them out here. I've been cuddling this lovie to my skin to absorb my scent for when Baby c. arrives. He won't be able to put it down - awww. Can't wait!

[Photos Courtesy Godiva; Swaddle Designs]

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