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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Win a Glamourmom Nursing Gown!

This Whiny Wednesday, I'm here to tell you about an awesome nursing mom company - Glamourmom. It's home of the built-in nursing bra - stylish tanks, gowns and other bra creations. Chic moms-to-be, this is your destination for looking good postpartum. I plan to bring this super-cute heather gray gown with me for my recovery period at the hospital (hey, don't joke! I wanna look decent in those photos with baby C.!). Enter below to score your very own!

Creator Line Rothman is the genius chic mompreneur behind the line, and I had the fabulous honor of catching up with her this week to ask her a few questions. Enjoy reading and don't forget to enter the contest (ends a week from today)!

IHH: The first-ever nursing bra tank on the market - how genius! What is it like knowing you have helped make life easier for moms across the country?
LR: THANK YOU! The Nursing Bra Tank has actually helped many new moms breastfeed longer worldwide. I love knowing that the frustration I felt as a new and nursing mom gave me a concept that led me to create Glamourmom. For me it was about providing women with a solution in nursing apparel that suits the modern woman’s lifestyle particularly when she is breastfeeding, making it a much easier and enjoyable process. I feel like I offer much more than just fashion – it was really about addressing a need - and offering a solution. I love when new moms tell me “they felt normal again” wearing the Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tank.

IHH: How discreet are your tanks for those modest about breastfeeding in public?
LR: The Glamourmom Nursing Bra Tanks are very discreet since they cover the postpartum belly and incorporate an inner bra with a full soft cup frame. What makes Glamourmom unique in the marketplace is our unique design that includes an easy access opening that is essentially covered by the baby’s head while nursing so there is tremendous coverage for the occasion when a mom nurses in public. The tank can be worn by itself or layered underneath clothing like an undershirt with a built-in nursing bra. It is also a product that appears to be a pre-pregnancy item so there is no obvious cover up, “nursing tent” or complex slit or opening.

IHH: How does your line encourage new moms to stay chic?
LR: Glamourmom Built-in Nursing Bra Tanks are available in a variety of colors, styles and fits that are all very fashionable. The tanks can be worn alone or as an undergarment replacing the need for a nursing bra allowing the mom to wear any pre-pregnancy style shirt on top.

IHH: Can nursing moms continue to wear these tanks even after pregnancy/breastfeeding?
LR: Many new moms tell us that they continue to wear the nursing bra tanks even after nursing since they “live” in them. So, we decided to fulfill that need with a unique solution: our non-nursing bra tank, the GlamourTank®. It effectively retains the same supportive soft cup built-in bra (removing the nursing accessibility) and provides the same fabulous fit that new moms expect from the Glamourmom Built-in Nursing Bra Tank.

IHH: Are there any celebrity fans of your line?
LR: OH MY! We have many celebrity fans! However, we’ve never been the “Kiss and Tell” type! At the end of the day we really believe that every mom is a Glamourmom and we are very happy to report that over the past 9 years many new moms have chosen our concept when making a good choice for their babies and themselves.

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