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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Holiday Scents: Part 1

Around the holidays, I always start filling the room with fragrance - it's a habit. From cinnamon sticks to peppermint to pomegranate (post on that one to come!), and now strawberries. I absolutely love candles, but I love diffusers just as much. They're so easy to use and seem to last forever! The newest one to fill my foyer is this one by Casa di Francesa, created by Katie Borghese.

You've heard of the cosmetics empire, right? Katie is the wife of Skip (yes, the brother of Lorenzo of The Bachelor fame!). She was inspired by the cosmetics line to start her own home fragrance line after beginning to sell them on HSN a few years ago. (You can still find them there as well as the company Web site.) There's a great article here on Katie and the business.

But, back to the strawberries! My particular diffuser is "Wild Strawberries," ($39.50) one of more than 30 scents available. And I hate to use the term, but it smells delicious! You wouldn't quite expect something so fruity and vibrant in the home, but I am loving every bit of it. It's not just another lavender or vanilla. And the pretty red ribbon tied around the top makes it perfect for the holidays. Which is perfect for my home as I start pulling out the decorations early this year (baby C.'s coming any day now!).

P.S. More on some of my favorite candle scents later this week!

[Photo Courtesy Casa di Francesa]

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