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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Looking Chic (& Slim!)

Ok, gals, I have just a few weeks to go. On your mark, get set...stock up on shapers, already, ha! If you haven't seen or heard of the brand, Yummie Tummie, you should get to know them. These tanks are one of the best inventions ever for concealing that extra bit of...well, I'll call it "fluff." 

And now what's even more exciting for new moms? Introducing the Yummie Tummie Nursing T ($82). It's (gasp!) long and slims and smoothes (it has a special tummy panel!) all of those areas you would prefer not to reveal to the world as if to say "I just had a baby!" It's oh-so-soft, and the adjustable straps are so hidden in the design, no one will ever know it's a, ahem, "nursing" tank. Gals, if you invest in a tank postpartum, let it be this one. Super-functional. And comes in black (my fav), white, ivory and nude.
Another exciting development in the world of pregnancy chic? The new Moody Mamas for Target line! I am dying over this super-cute maternity line because it's so freaking hard to find fashionable clothing during the nine long months of pregnancy. My favorite - perfect for the holiday season - is this turtleneck dress ($39.99). It's jersey (hello, comfort!), a great longer length and the long sleeves fit just right. My only complaint is the turtleneck is thicker than I'm used to, but with just the right amount of fluffing (don't make it look too "uniform," but more haphazard), it works out just fine. 

I would wear just as the model does here - with black tights and knee high or over-the-knee black boots. Christmas cookie, anyone?

[Photos Courtesy Yummie Tummie; Moody Mamas/Target]

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