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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Halle Berry Struts it in AllSaints

Halle Berry's one hot mama, no? I like to think I might look like her again, and keep chanting "it's only been a week!" When I am finally able to hit the gym again after recovery from baby C., I can't wait to squeeze (!) into something like this twisted cotton Orcus dress ($150) from British fashion import, AllSaints

The long skinny sleeves are uber-flattering (Not to sound ungrateful or whiny, but I hate my arms - did you know?), and even though stripes make their way down the garment, the dark hues (love black and navy combos!) and the slimness of the lines, make it a-ok for us body-conscious gals. The cowl neck is a fav detail I love, and paired with leggings, boots and a cropped leather jacket (three essentials for a wardrobe!), isn't it just quaint, as the Brits would say?
P.S. AllSaints recently launched a U.S. e-commerce, shop-in-shop at Bloomingdale’s in NYC and its first stand-alone store on Robertson in L.A. (the shopping universe, hello!). AllSaints just opened in Miami as well, and watch for it to open in New York City’s Soho district in spring 2010.

[Photo Courtesy AllSaints]

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  1. Wow, I have a dress that looks almost identical to that dress but I got it in China so it was waaaaaaaaay cheaper. Nice seeing what I could do with it other than just wearing it.


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