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Friday, December 11, 2009

Sweet Dresses by Fashion Spy

I spy...the cutest dresses ever! I went shopping yesterday (ok, and today, too) and fell in love with a newly-discovered fav brand of mine, Fashion Spy. It's not the regal Chanel or kitschy Juicy Couture, by any means, it's just a down-to-earth, girl-next-door look, and I like! (plus, it was spotted on Sex and the City)

Fashion Spy seems to be affordable and the perfect spring wardrobe addition. They know dresses as well as the rest of them - check out a couple of my favs from the Spring 2010 collection. I love the rosettes, a detail used on several different dresses, and all of the contrasting hues they use on their frocks def makes things unique. The banded color block dress is just the amount of sweet mixed with trendy that I love about spring. Add a great pair of slingbacks for that perfect panache. 

[Photos Courtesy Fashion Spy]


  1. Uggghhh!! I am loving all these cute clothes!!! I'm due with my second little one in April 2010 and can't wait to wear normal clothes again!!! I love this line!!!!

  2. So cute, where can I buy these?

  3. Specialty stores across the US. You can also email them specifically for a store near you. They have a contact form on their web site.


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