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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Whiny Wednesday: Giveaway!

Medela is one of the most-trusted nursing brands for new moms out there. Technologically advanced and super quality. That's why when I was packing my hospital bag the other day (ok, the other days - I just seem to keep adding things!), I was super-excited to be able to slip in this gift set ($24.99) Medela sent me. So, very handy! (I had originally scattered everything in my bag, and now it's so much neater.)

It's a black twill bag with all of the must-haves: Medela's Tender Care Hydrogel Pads and Lanolin (for ouch! soreness...), bra pads (leaks aren't so chic) a cute, yellow "Mother's Minder" bracelet (to keep track of those endless feedings) and a handy, dandy resource guide. (To find Medela near you, click here.)

Now, to the exciting news! One of you new moms/moms-to-be, will win this very set! Just enter your info below, and I will choose a random winner next week (assuming I'm not in labor, ha!). Good luck, and have a chic week, mamacitas! - xoxo

[Photo Courtesy Medela]


  1. A friend is due to give birth early next year and she's choosing her baby stuff as early as now. I'll recommend Mendela to her. She's also torn between the Mendela breast pump and another popular brand. The bra pads will surely be helpful especially to breastfeeding moms on the go.
    - Kaith

  2. I had twins last year who are now nine months old and I am currently still breastfedding. I started off having a Avent breastpump which hurt and wasn't very reliable. So unreliable it quit half way through the first week. After that I bought a pump in style through Medela and now I am hooked. Now that I am 15 weeks pregnant I am a Medela advocate and fan!!

  3. Definitely love Medela, I have an 11 month old and am still breastfeeding her. I love my Medela pump which has allowed me to breastfeed for 11 months! I've never tried some of the products in the giveaway, but the bracelet and hydrogel pads sound awesome!!

  4. I am due on New Years Eve and will be using the Medela Pump In Style.
    I would love to win this gift set.


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