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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Winter White (and Travel!) Chic

Ah, it's officially the holidays - I completely heart the holidays. And especially this year, with baby C. on the way in just a matter of weeks! Once the holidays hit, I admit my wardrobe changes. I start wearing more sparkle, more festive hues and, ahem, more cozy (roomy!) attire. Since Fashion Week this past February (amongst the trendsetters, of course), I've been eyeing faux fur. Being pregnant, I haven't scooped up my coveted vest just yet (hello, no one wants to look like a huge bear), but now I'm thinking a full-on faux fur jacket, perhaps? After delivery, of course.

Ashley Greene from Twilight made her way through LAX this past Sunday in her version, the Natalie jacket by Sanctuary ($152). Don't you just love it? And totally affordable! Completely travel chic, and I love the winter white (By the way, I'm with Tim Gunn all the way when he says that airplanes have become completely too dressed down - do away with those sweats for once and make an attempt, please!). 

And I love how Ashley paired the jacket with jeans and boots and slung her bag across her shoulders. Both travel and winter chic.

[Photo Courtesy Piperlime.com]


  1. adorable! love the winter white. so unique!

  2. oh, i would love to wear that white jacket too! it's so chic indeed. i can imagine the heads that would turn when i don and strut around town in that :)
    - Kaith


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