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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hot for Spring: Lauren Moffatt

Oh, Lauren Moffatt, how I heart you. Let me count the ways. (1) You started your collection off of a sailboat - amaze. (2) Vintage chic is always cool. (3) Celebs like Cameron Diaz and Ashley Olsen flock to you. (4) The dresses shown here - enough said.

After reviewing the Spring/Summer 2010 collection, I picked my favs to post, and here they are. It was certainly hard to narrow down to just three because I loved all of the looks - so feminine and fun. I love the ruffly LBD with a twist. The pattern makes it interesting, and the length is so perfect for heels. Green is my fav color (when I'm not wearing black, of course), so this casual shorts number won me over. Who ever thought adding heels and a hat would up the chic factor so much? The last look is nude and satin - how much more can I say? The belted waist makes it absolute perfection.

[Photos Courtesy Lauren Moffatt]


  1. Really pretty shoes. And they go along so well with the dresses, too.

  2. Looove the last dress! And I agree, those are awesome go-with-anything shoes—I'm ALWAYS in need of a pair like that!


  3. Nude color heels are my new obsession! Pair them with a black dress and it looks amazing! I am always online looking for cute shoes, although I hate shipping fees! My favorite boutique is going online and I signed up for their VIP card... great perks! Free shipping, special deals and more! What more can a girl ask for? :-) Here is the link if anyone wants to sign up, http://elysewalker.com/vip/

  4. wear load of dark and bright colors like orange goes owsum with blue, grey and purple tho have a cozy and safer feeling in the season of hot and cold.


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