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Monday, January 11, 2010

Just a Splash of Neon

Wanna stand out? Hey, it doesn't have to be spring or summer to rock the block in neon. Just a tinge, anyway! I love Rebecca Minkoff's new neon goodies (particularly in "flu pink!") - like this loop bracelet ($48) and the Zip Devote handbag ($655), as seen on LiLo. I would never rock fuschia pants or any glaringly bright ensemble, for that matter. But a splash of one bold, daring color (a bracelet a trimmed bag) - oh, yes! Count me in. 

[Photos Courtesy Rebecca Minkoff] 


  1. Both bracelet and bag are cute! I am not the type to wear something flashy too but I always make sure either my bag or shoes stand out.

  2. Those are such great pieces! Love the little flash of color!


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