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Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Stars Love Old Navy Activewear (and I do, too!)

Ok, fashionistas! It's time to hit the gym again in style! Today I went on a shopping spree specifically in mind to find cute workout gear. Since I'm trekking to the gym again starting next month (once the baby doctor clears me, that is) , I def need some style help. I just can't wear those leggings and tanks I wore pre-preggers (not yet anyway!). So, after I received word of this cute-as-a-button workout suit from Old Navy - worn by Kourtney Kardashian, Kara DioGuardi and Tori Spelling - I headed out to find my own. It only cost me $30 because the pants were on sale for $12! The racks were pretty picked over, so I scored the black with gray stripes instead of this gray/pink version. (Fine by me - black is so much more slimming!!) Let me tell you, I already went for a mild walk around the neighborhood today in it, and it is soooo comfy! I slipped on a bright tank underneath (rather than zipping it all the way), and instantly felt better about myself. Group exercise, I'm ready for you!

[Photos Courtesy Startracks Photo]


  1. Hrm, can't decide what I think. Where can I see more?! I usually rock over-sized tees at the gym, but with prices like that, there's really no excuse not to step it up a notch!


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