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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: The Best Nursing Pillow Ever

If you're reading my site for the fashion and not the "mommy" goods on Wednesdays, I don't blame you for not giving a flip about this post. But, for new moms and old moms alike, I want you to know about this miraculous nursing pillow! My Brest Friend.

I can hardly type the name, just as I can hardly speak it, without cracking up. C'mon, you have to admit it is certainly funny. (I'm constantly saying around the house, "will you bring me My Brest Friend?" beneath my giggles.)

I started out the first couple of weeks by using the Boppy, which I was gifted at my baby shower. It seems to have the nursing pillow "buzz." Everyone talks about it. And it's great for laying baby C. on top of it as a pillow for resting, but as an actual nursing pillow, it got a thumbs down for me. Enter My Brest Friend ($42) (ok, cracking up again). 

I went to a lactation consultant a couple of weeks into nursing just to make sure I was on the right track (which I was, for the most part, but it's amazing what changing up just a few little things will do!), and they totally recommended this pillow. After using it there, I knew I had to buy one (mine is the green/brown/yellow Sunburst design on their Web site - don't you love? I'm such a sucker for circles!). 

Major benefits? It has excellent back support because it wraps all the way around your back (unlike the Boppy), and that way it also doesn't slide or move while you're doing your handiwork. I also love the flat surface (rather than round) for the baby because I'm not constantly having to adjust his position. I also store my lanolin in the handy little pocket. After feeding, I usually keep the pillow on me for a little while to support my arms while holding baby C. That is, until someone else in the family (there's always someone!) wants to hold him (he is rather adorable). I hate to say it, but this pillow is a nursing mother's best friend, for sure. -xoxo

[Photo Credit: My Brest Friend]

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