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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Medela Sleep Bra

Once you find out you're expecting, there are so many fun products out there to explore. But then there are the essentials - like, hello, bras? There are so many questions, especially for first-time mothers, on the one (ok, ones, you'll need several!) to buy. Which bra is comfy, affordable, handy (nursing) and (ahem) pretty! 

If you're nursing, one of the top brands to turn to for anything is Medela - they have it all. I've used everything from their electric pump and bra pads to their lanolin, nursing tanks and, now, sleep bra ($19.99). Ideally, you'll need at least a few good bras/tanks while nursing, but who would ever think you might need one while you're sleeping. You do - this bra is genius! 

I was sent the nude one to try (they also have white and a special-edition blue, shown here), and it's amazing. It's made of super-soft combed cotton and it's tagless - so it literally feels as if you're not even wearing anything (which is great at night). But, it still provides you support and the convenience for those middle of the night feedings (it's flexible, so just pull each side back as you need). The best part is you can insert Medela's pads to keep dry - and lessen laundry (who has time for that, right?). 

P.S. I don't recommend wearing this any other place than to bed. It doesn't exactly provide the support you need under your Chanel cardigan!

[Photo Courtesy Medela]

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  1. This would be really useful for nursing moms. I'm gonna tell my friend, who's expecting, about this.


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