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Friday, March 12, 2010

Philip B. Has Your Chocolate Fix

I have a confession - and it goes waaay back to elementary school. When all of the cool kids were drinking chocolate milk in the cafeteria, I was the one who preferred white milk. Guess I've always been a trendsetter, huh? Pretty soon everyone switched to white, lol.

My point? I'm soooo over white milk and on to chocolate now. Which means I LOVE the Philip B. Chocolate Milk Gift Set ($62.50). I received a sample and now consider it a weekly indulgence (psst, without the calories!). It's body wash, bubble bath and body creme, and they do actually have both chocolate and vanilla extracts. Soft, silky and my chocolate fix (I'm watching what I eat post-baby C., ya know). This set literally does a body good!

[Photo Courtesy Philip B.]

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