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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Get Ready! Liberty of London for Target Preview

My fellow fashionista and correspondent M. was on the scene (aka Bryant Park) bright and early this morning to cover for I Heart Heels this weekend's launch of Liberty of London for Target. And guess who she happened to bump into while there? None other than spokesperson Naomi Watts - oh-em-gee. M. got so close to Naomi I am jealous (not to mention, M. says they even served coffee and breakfast munchies)! I am loving her floral tunic from the L of L line paired with leggings and a blazer (we won't knock her for her choice of flats over heels because we love that they are green!).

You'll be able to shop for yourself this weekend (squeal!), but for now here is a sneak peak of what you have to look forward to at your nearest Target.

Frilly little teapots (so London, no?)!

The sweetest rainboots I've ever laid eyes on with the prettiest floral pattern that so makes me proud to be a girl!

A palette of paisley, pastel and floral dominates the clothing line - hello spring!

And umbrellas, too!

P.S. Check out M.'s coverage on her blog, Belles and Rebelles here.

[Photos Courtesy Belles and Rebelles]

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