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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Changing Table Magic

The moment (and I mean the very same day) we found out we were having a little boy (aka baby C.), I went online to register. I knew the three places I wanted to register, Restoration Hardware Baby & Child being one of them, and doing it online was, of course, my way of doing things (hello, I'm a blogger, for crying out loud!). And since I wanted baby C.'s nursery to be covered in nothing but baby blue and chocolate brown hues, this was the place to register (check out their site and you'll see for yourself!).

I had no idea (no "Earthly" idea as my grandmother used to say) what an impact this little changing pad ($29) and cover would have on our lives here at I Heart Heels. We're talking mega. I've heard from so many people that they didn't use their changing table, so I've always been reluctant about buying one. That's why we bought a dresser that doubles as a changing table (basically the top of the dresser). And on top of it rests the glorious (you should be bowing down right now) changing pad (ours is cloud with chocolate piping). Baby C. loves this thing more than anything else, including his toys. Changing his diaper and getting him dressed is always such a hoot because this is where it all happens. Where he coos and smiles and giggles and stares at you with those longing eyes. Swoon. I can't quite figure out the magic of this thing. It is very soft (hence the name "cuddle plush"), but is that the whole story, it's soft? I might never figure out the real reason he's so attached, but you know what? We will be taking this jewel of a changing pad everywhere!

[Photo Courtesy Restoration Hardware Baby & Child]

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