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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: Traveling with Baby

So, baby C,'s three-month birthday is next week - swoon. I can hardly believe it. He has tons of hair (possibly strawberry-blonde like his mom?), big blue eyes and coos like crazy. He is, in a nutshell, "the sweetest baby on Earth." Besides his little lamb swing, his favorite spot is riding in the car (like most babies) in his Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System (in this chic green and brown combo called "Adventure.").

He's been riding in the car seat, of course, since day one when we drove home from the hospital. Since then, he's ridden in it to and from the doctor and on our family drives on the weekend. Call us cheesy, but we like to go get my fav yogurt or coffee and just drive around and look at things. Baby C. usually falls asleep and I end up swooning over him more (I still ride in the backseat with him - bashful face). Something about that car seat is just so comfy to him (we wish his crib was the same way, ha!). We chose it because it's the number-one car seat for safety on Consumer Reports, but now I realize it also has other benefits like great padding, easy installation and it will grow with him until 30 lbs. It also fit in the stroller, so in the future we can transfer the sleepy tot easily. Wink, wink. (Only downfall? It weights so much; I feel like such a wimp!)

Since spring weather has already hit, we're been able to get out and about around the neighborhood and take baby C. out in the stroller, and he generally loves it! Again, he falls asleep (once he gets used to the sun, which he hates in his eyes). We pull the shade down every now and then to shield too many rays and extra wind. This stroller, really, is the equivalent of a luxury car. It handles so smoothly (even taking all those bumpy sidewalks!) and has lots of storage spots (for my cell phone, a glass of water and his pacifier, of course). I haven't actually used it other than a walk yet, but will be breaking it out soon and can't wait!

[Photo Courtesy Chicco]

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