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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Beauty Booty! Win Leslie Blodgett's Perfume Diaries

If you ever read my beauty reviews, you know I looooove Bare Escentuals. It's half (ok, more than half) of my beauty counter! So of course with all of founder Leslie Blodgett's success, it made sense for her to make a perfume. The line is dubbed Perfume Diaries and the new scent Santa Barbara (quite possibly the most beautiful place in the country - so very appropriate) is the perfect summer spritz - light, airy and full of the sweetest floral and fruity scents. Think Lemon/Peach/Iris/Jasmine/Musk/Cedarwood. Continue gazing at your beach calendar in your cube, or? Spray a little of Leslie's fragrance on you - it's muuuch more rewarding!

Enter below for a chance to win a bottle of your own (valued at $55)!

[Photo Courtesy Sephora.com]

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  1. This sounds like it would be a PERFECT summer fragrance! <3


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