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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cynthia Vincent for Target Launches Today!

I can't type long because I must get to Target today asap to scoop up a pair of one of these tribal-print pieces of goodness! (They're available at Target.com, too, if you're one of the lucky ones and can still find your size! So surprised there are that many size 6's out there, hmph.) What's the hype? Cynthia Vincent for Target launches today, and I've been anticipating it for weeks (check out my previous post on the F/W 2010 Cynthia Vincent collection here). The collection includes wedges, flats and gladiators (with straps and studs), but what I'm realllly crushing on is this amazing print - isn't it chic? Of course, wedges ($29.99) are my pref, but if I have to "settle" for the flats ($24.99), bring it on. I would totally rock these with a pair of jeans or summer dress.

Style tip: Just remember, chicettes, to style these with otherwise muted colors in your outfit. (LBD, anyone?) Clown chic is not in the dictionary.
[Photos Courtesy Target]

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