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Monday, April 26, 2010

Exclusive Chat with Kristin Cavallari Of The Hills

Had the best Friday ev-er (huge OMG)! Why, because I chatted up Kristin Cavallari of The Hills on my cell phone (yep, I was squealing when the phone rang!). If you're a huge fan of The Hills (like moi), you know this is major because tomorrow night marks the very final season (ever!) of the show - sob. So, of course, I had to ask Kristin about her feelings on the finale, what her upcoming plans are and, hello, about her shoe collection (we wear the same size - a six!).

On her weekend plans...
Kristin was prepping to host a party that night in Vegas at Liquid (she told me she was super-excited!) and then planned to hit NY for appearances on Live with Regis and Kelly and The Wendy Williams Show. (In other words, tons of press stops!)

Any finale spoilers?
In the first episode, Heidi (Montag) goes home and reveals her plastic surgery to her mom. "It's pretty intense, and pretty sad, too," Kristin says. The other episode takes place in Miami for the Superbowl and Kristin is accused of taking drugs (you have to watch, of course, to find out what happens - lots of intense drama!).

On saying goodbye to The Hills...
Kristin reveals that it's not over just yet because they're still in the process of filming a few more episodes this month. But, she wasn't too shocked because it was pretty expected.

On staying in touch with anyone from the show...
She instantly replies with "Brody." Hmmm....

Would she ever leave Cali?
L.A. is not the spot for her future plans to get married and raise a family, but for now "I need to be here for work," she says.

What about the charity where she's recently been named as ambassador?
It's called One Kid, One World and Kristin returned from her first trip in January where she traveled to El Salvador. "It was an incredible experience that will impact me for the rest of my life," she says. Along with a group of volunteers, she helped redo a school that didn't even have running water. In June, she'll travel to Kenya for a couple of weeks on her next journey. She says,"It really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate everything."

So, besides charity work, what else's next for KC?
A few reality shows in the works that she hopes to produce. (Exciting!)

On her closet and shoe collection...
"[My closet] is my second bedroom in my house," she laughs. And while she stopped counting how many pairs of heels she owns, she does admit to keeping them all organized ("I'm a neat freak!") with lots of shelves.

What exactly does Kristin look for in the perfect heel?
"The higher the heel, the better," she says. She also admits they're not all comfortable, but that she likes to take a break during the day and wear sandals or ballet slippers, saving her heels for night.

Last shopping trip?
"It was with Audrina [Patridge] to Madison - I bought four pairs of shoes!" Kristin says.

Favorite fashion labels...
Balmain, Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang and Elizabeth & James.

Beauty product must-haves...
NARS bronzer/blush, Chanel mascara and Anastasia brow pencils.

P.S. Watch The Hills finale Tuesday night on MTV 10/9 p.m. central, and tell me what you think!

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