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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Interview Exclusive! Supermodel/Shoe Lover Selita Ebanks

Any The Celebrity Apprentice fans out there? What about Victoria's Secret? So check this out! On a casual Thursday afternoon, I chatted with CA contestant and former VS Angel, Selita Ebanks, on my cell. I'm still freaking out! Don't you love her? I will tell you she is so intelligent (she attended Columbia, Spellman and NYU!) and very well spoken, we had such an easy convo. If you watched last Sunday night's CA, you know she won the challenge as project manager - $20,000 to her charity, Shine On Sierra Leone (yep, she started it after her trip there in 2008). So cool.

Here's what Selita and I chatted about last week!

About her friends on Celebrity Apprentice:
Selita still keeps in touch with lots of them on Twitter (hello, RTs!), and is meeting Holly Robinson Peete for lunch in L.A. TODAY! She describes the experience as a bit "overwhelming" but "all laughs." Plus, she admits she would love to do more TV in the future (um, hello, she def has the looks for it!).

On her charity work:
She def did the CA to bring attention to and raise money for her charity, Shine On Sierra Leon. And I agree with Selita - $20,000 definitely goes a looong way towards helping children. (The very day I interviewed her, she was actually going to attend the New Yorkers of Children Gala where she mentioned she was excited to be able to meet Karolina Kurkova's new little baby for the first time - squeal!)

On her favorite pair of heels:
Black and white strappy Balenciaga's. (ok, jealous...) Selita tells me (very matter-of-factly) she owns 300 pairs of heels! But, she's a sporty girl at heart (she grew up with seven brothers and loves basketball and tennis), so she also owns 10 pairs of really chic sneakers.

About sharing a bathroom with those seven brothers:
Selita proclaims, "heck no! I barely had my own bedroom!"

On being a VS Angel for five years:
She says, "It taught me so much - about how to be a lady, how to carry myself." She tells me that every woman should walk on a runway in front of millions of people because it "builds confidence" and makes you "appreciate being a woman."

About her diet and exercise:
"Everything in moderation," she says. (hey, this is my mom's mantra!) "Know your limits and stay active. Realize that McDonald's isn't always a great dinner." She tells me she's not really a "gym girl," and stresses to just have fun and do what you like to do.

On her fav beauty product:
La Prairie moisturizer with SPF because "it doesn't clog my pores." (so important!)

[Photo Courtesy PMK/BNC]


  1. do you know who where she got her earnings from for episode 904 of the C. Apprentice??

  2. I am still checking on this for you!


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