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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sneak Peek/Giveaway: 6126 (LaLohan's Line!)

Guest post by Rachel Scroggins of The Greyest Ghost (and fab fashion photographer!)

This fall, Lindsay Lohan's successful leggings line, 6126, is expanding to include clothing and outerwear as well!

The collection's range is impressive. The famous leggings are still available--in multiple fabrics and prints, but have been joined by sleek leather jackets, body-con dresses, corset tops, embellished jeans and pants, sequined mini dresses and flowing romantic tops. Rhinestone, chain and beaded accents abound.

Every single piece has surprising unexpected details. From the tiny gold chain hang tags, to jackets that can be unzipped to be worn long or cropped. Nothing boring or ordinary, by any means.

Some of the best pieces in the collection include the chiffon tops with rhinestone detailing, super-soft cashmere sweaters, cut-out leather pants, a gold suede and black silk jacket, and a cowl-neck sequined top that can be folded to wear off the shoulder or as a hood.

Overall, the collection left me pleasantly surprised. Lindsay's tastes have improved with age, and she has created a collection that left some magazine editors speechless, with pieces accessible to both starlets and common folks alike.

P.S. Be the first (size 2, that is!) to comment below and score a cool pair of 6126 leggings of your own!

[Photo Credits: Rachel Scroggins]


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