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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whiny Wednesday: I Heart My Rena Rocker

Let's get this straight - I don't normally review furniture. So, if you're reading this blog for the first time understand this first, and second know that is is my weekly column "Whiny Wednesday," in honor of my life as a new mom - say it with me, awwww. This week I have to go on and on about my rocker, I just have to do it. Why? Because it's the mother of all rockers - the only rocker to consider if you're expecting (or your back is bad? just plain lazy?). Chic moms-to-be, I HEART this chair - the Rena rocker by Best Chairs (Storytime Series).

For me, it was love at first rock. I sat in a few other chairs, but this one caught my eye, I sat and rocked in it, debated on whether I should buy the ottoman (which I did, and would NEVER go back - it's an essential) and made up my mind this was the one for me and baby C. In chocolate brown with white cording, of course. Except, small catch. They discontinued the white cording (probably a bad idea anyway, no?), so no cording for me. So, basically I love my rocker in all it's soft, pretty, fabulous glory. It rocks (it even swivels!) baby C. to sleep when I just can't rock him any longer (ah, the legs - the back!) and I admit it's lulled me to sleep just a few times as well (bashful face). Rockabye baby, indeed.

P.S. You can get this chair at TONS of stores nationwide, so check out the Web site here.

[Photo Courtesy Best Chairs]

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